Why include 3-D interactive volume models in your planetarium presentations or science exhibit?

Wisdom and research shows

that live and

interactive presentations

of astronomical knowledge

are remembered

in more detail & for a longer time. 

Scientifically generated

and visually convincing

nebula models

have been a very

rare commodity

for interactive presentations.

Kids and adults alike

will enjoy being

an interstellar pilot

flying through space with our

interactive viewer Iluvia

on a public touchscreen

in your science center.

At Ilumbra we are determined to contribute by providing innovative volumetric models and software tools that allow unique views of nebulae, galaxies and stellar systems with the presenter freely piloting the camera anywhere anytime. 

Click here to learn more about why stereo 3-D vision is important in astronomical visualization.


"Haven´t I seen these before somewhere...?"
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Generic Objects
Inspired by astrophysics

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