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Our special visualization software

Wisdom and research collected by experienced planetarium and museum staff shows that live and interactive presentations of astronomical content and knowledge is remembered in more detail and for a longer time. 

At Ilumbra we contribute to this goal by providing high dynamic range volumetric models and software tools that allow unique views of nebulae, galaxies and stellar systems with presenters freely piloting the camera anywhere anytime. 

Iluvia turns every child and adult into an interstellar pilot navigating around nebulae, galaxies or other exotic cosmic objects on special touch screen exhibits set up in many planetariums and science centers. 

What is special about Iluvia?

Iluvia is designed to deal with some of the special properties of cosmic objects, such as very high brightness differences between regions in an object and subtle color changes. Its intuitive tools are inspired by actual research tools that astronomers use every day in their data analysis. They allow the user to adjust the visualization properties to make the most of the simulated observations, virtually turning every child and adult into an astronomer her or himself.  

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